Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For those slanderers-- புறங்கூறாமை

4.கண்ணின்று கண்ணறச் சொல்லினும் சொல்லற்க
முன்னின்று பின்நோக்காச் சொல்.

This is for those back biters who goes on back biting behind someone's back. Mr. Thiru is of opinion that you can say whatever you think of someone. But remember remember it should be said right before that someone's eyes , right in front of him. Like vikram says "என்ன பாத்து சொல்லு என் கண்ண பாத்து சொல்லு ". I too think that its not a good idea to bite someone's back.

5.ஏதிலார் குற்றம்போல் தங்குற்றங் காண்கிற்பின்
தீதுண்டோ மன்னும் உயிர்க்கு.

The magic mantra for personality development, "self analysis". The most asked question in H.R. interviews, "Whats you plus and minus". We are adept, we feel comfortable , we are better than google when it comes to searching fault with others. But even google has a error log which reports the errors it has made. So alongside finding fault with others it doesn't hurts to find whats wrong with us too.