Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For those slanderers-- புறங்கூறாமை

4.கண்ணின்று கண்ணறச் சொல்லினும் சொல்லற்க
முன்னின்று பின்நோக்காச் சொல்.

This is for those back biters who goes on back biting behind someone's back. Mr. Thiru is of opinion that you can say whatever you think of someone. But remember remember it should be said right before that someone's eyes , right in front of him. Like vikram says "என்ன பாத்து சொல்லு என் கண்ண பாத்து சொல்லு ". I too think that its not a good idea to bite someone's back.

5.ஏதிலார் குற்றம்போல் தங்குற்றங் காண்கிற்பின்
தீதுண்டோ மன்னும் உயிர்க்கு.

The magic mantra for personality development, "self analysis". The most asked question in H.R. interviews, "Whats you plus and minus". We are adept, we feel comfortable , we are better than google when it comes to searching fault with others. But even google has a error log which reports the errors it has made. So alongside finding fault with others it doesn't hurts to find whats wrong with us too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

game called " DIE.. u learn"

the moment i plunged in i felt like dead.. with my body feeling nothing , nothing to caress.. nothing to breathe..I felt flying

and then there was light..a hand came through gently pushing me upwards.. after a little struggle i reached the path leading to life..

A few steps like a toddler, a few steps like a man who lived , a few steps like a hero who won ...

just while reaching the last step to step into this world they pushed me and with a splash i plunged into the well ,feeling dead again

so that was my first experience bathing in a well at my friends village.... sethu sethu vilayadnom.... and the moral is " The fear of death , the pain of struggle teaches you the art of survival"


Friday, January 1, 2010

moon driving to temple..

"Full moon, empty roads, cold winds, you cannot get a better drive"--ajay
4.30 am 1.1.10
I always felt moon light is warm rather than cold ( ssss i live in a tropical city).
Today driving under full moon on empty roads at 4.30 am is a divine driving expi. No red lights ,no smoke, no honking bullshit bikes. When I crossed the vaigai bridge I stopped my bike to take a full view of full moon, deep white with teasing black marks, ah it was really romantic. I know prabhu will always be late if I am early. So i took diversion and roamed around the city to see its early morning beauty.It was 5.15 when prabhu arrived and we entered Meenaksi amman temple.

We had one goal " to enter the shrine ". Six months before we shifted our hang out to this temple for one reason , it has lot of eateries around it. But not even once we entered the shrine due over devoted crowwwddd. // how can God hear you when lot of prayers are said at the same time , at the same place?? // But today it was emergency , we had to fill up our SOS application because jan 3rd is XAT day.

First hours of 2010

" The first bite is always tastier " --ajay
My first hour ,literally 1.00 am on 1.1.10 started with an irritating dream.Devils circling around me , chanting some old devilish tone.It was periodic loud chantings sandwiched between deep silence-full minutes. At 4.00 am I woke up, to be exact I got kicked up by my dad as i had set an alarm in his phone to wake me up. I found those devilish tones converted to 4 missed calls all from my friend. // why dont they sleep after having sweet long talks with their girl friends from 11 to 1?? //. Okay I am not an early bird not even night bird and certainly not a noon bird but today I had planned to go to Meenakshi Amman temple.