Friday, January 1, 2010

moon driving to temple..

"Full moon, empty roads, cold winds, you cannot get a better drive"--ajay
4.30 am 1.1.10
I always felt moon light is warm rather than cold ( ssss i live in a tropical city).
Today driving under full moon on empty roads at 4.30 am is a divine driving expi. No red lights ,no smoke, no honking bullshit bikes. When I crossed the vaigai bridge I stopped my bike to take a full view of full moon, deep white with teasing black marks, ah it was really romantic. I know prabhu will always be late if I am early. So i took diversion and roamed around the city to see its early morning beauty.It was 5.15 when prabhu arrived and we entered Meenaksi amman temple.

We had one goal " to enter the shrine ". Six months before we shifted our hang out to this temple for one reason , it has lot of eateries around it. But not even once we entered the shrine due over devoted crowwwddd. // how can God hear you when lot of prayers are said at the same time , at the same place?? // But today it was emergency , we had to fill up our SOS application because jan 3rd is XAT day.

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